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United in Brittany aims to bring the ex-pat community and those who love Brittany together in the spirit of help and support. Whether you are living in Brittany, thinking of moving to Brittany, or you just love Brittany, then come on in and join the community! Find stuff for sale or sell your own with our classified ads. View our property listings to buy, sell, rent or list a property. Find a business or service in our business directory or list your own. Chat and connect with others in the discussions forum. Browse for upcoming events in your area, or share you own events with the community. Find resources and articles on living and thriving in Brittany. Read blogs written by community members recalling memorable experiences of life in Brittany, or share you own.

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Italy, Debt and the EU
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The ticking time bomb at the heart of the EU is Italy. Yes, Italy has the potential in the near future to explode and make 2008 look like the warm up act. Brexit? Doesn’t even come close! And here’s why- … Read... Read More

Will You See Local Wine In Brittany?
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Brittany is known for its seafood and amazing beaches but would you associate the region for its local wine? Probably not! Vineyards are beginning to appear all over France‚Äôs north western region. Soon you could find a bottle of Brittany … Read More

Has Mrs May Hijacked Brexit?
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Brexit. What to make of it? A drama? A comedy? A soap opera? A horror story? Maybe a bit of all of those, and I guess it depends if you are a "remainer" or a "brexiteer".… Read More

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