Domaine de Boutiguery

The Domain of Boutiguery is located on the left bank of the beautiful river Odet, which is in the locality of Pors-Mellou (port of mills) in the commune of Gouesnach in south Finistere. The Boutiguery estate bursts into flower every … Read More

A Prehistory of Brittany

Brittany or how it was known in antiquity, the Armorican peninsula, is famed for its numerous Neolithic monuments. Most of the great burial chambers here predate the Egyptian pyramids by a long time. They consisted of a dolmen or stone … Read More

Brehat Island

Off the coast of Paimpol is Ile Brehat which is in fact one of Brittany’s loveliest island. It is a small island also affectionately known as the ‘Island of Flowers’. The setting of the trees and flowers against the beautiful … Read More

Unusual Places to Stay in Brittany

Want to try something new rather than the norm? Here is a few random ones we have picked which are a little on the unusual side but are great places to stay in wonderful Brittany. Time to unleash your wild … Read More

The Race to Collapse…

Bets are now being taken in the race to see who will win the Collapse Competition-the EU or the UK? In the UK, the whole Brexit thing is starting to generate some heat. The military are (apparently) on standby to … Read More

Brittany – Geology, Landscapes & the Natural Area

Brittany is a beautiful place to live and visit. Rich in agricultural landscapes and coastline, it has a little bit of everything for everyone. Brittany is very well known for its amazing rocks which are very wild in colour and … Read More

Italy, Debt and the EU

The ticking time bomb at the heart of the EU is Italy. Yes, Italy has the potential in the near future to explode and make 2008 look like the warm up act. Brexit? Doesn’t even come close! And here’s why- … Read More

Will You See Local Wine In Brittany?

Brittany is known for its seafood and amazing beaches but would you associate the region for its local wine? Probably not! Vineyards are beginning to appear all over France’s north western region. Soon you could find a bottle of Brittany … Read More

Has Mrs May Hijacked Brexit?

Brexit. What to make of it? A drama? A comedy? A soap opera? A horror story? Maybe a bit of all of those, and I guess it depends if you are a “remainer” or a “brexiteer”.… Read More

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