A Box of Memories

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Guest post by Fruitcake @barjan Josie wandered tentatively down to the stream and sat down on the bank, shielding her eyes from the strong July sun, as it’s rays sent fingers of light through the trees on the other side. … Read More

New Beginnings – A short story

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By Fruitcake @barjan The bright yellow taxi pulled up outside Patsy’s flat and sounded the horn, she was rushing around grabbing her coat and baggage and then remembered that she hadn’t left her flatmate the note about the plumber coming … Read More

Is there a Cure?

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Guest Blog by @cheekiweeki Driving in the car this morning and listened to 5Live. Very interesting. You can play it and listenat this link http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b07z3z98 . Emma interviewed a lady in the studio who was diagnosed with cancer in May … Read More

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