Has Mrs May Hijacked Brexit?

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is a recession about to hit?Brexit. What to make of it? A drama? A comedy? A soap opera? A horror story? Maybe a bit of all of those, and I guess it depends if you are a “remainer” or a “brexiteer”.

Meanwhile, it seems as if Mrs M is at last showing her hand, and her intentions regarding Brexit.

First, she appoints a fresh faced, and very inexperienced new Brexit Secretary (Dominic Raab). This was surprising, until she then appointed herself to take personal control over the Brexit process. From this, we can now assume-

  1. Now she has cleared the decks of Mssrs Johnson and Davis, the arch-remainers, she will be engineering a “soft” brexit
  2. This probably means a “Norway” type relationship with the EU
  3. She is convinced that we need to remain as close as possible to the EU, whilst not actually being in it.

Whatever you think of this outcome, it remains a a tightrope act, and it wouldn’t take much to nudge her off the tightrope. There are three things could blow up the whole plan-

  1. The EU reject the plan
  2. Johnson challenges Mrs M’s leadership
  3. Parliament rejects the plan

There is no doubt that public opinion is starting to change. For the first time since the vote, polls are suggesting that there are now more people who want a second referendum on the final outcome, than people who do not want one. Not surprising really, as a lot of the people who voted “leave” are beginning to realise the real implications of leaving, and the fact that perhaps the information they were fed about how easy life would be outside the EU, was perhaps rather simplistic.

So, where do we go from here? Who can say! However, there is another ticking time bomb at the heart of the EU that has the potential to make the brexit issue look like just a warm up act.


More on that later…….

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