The Next Stage of Our Adventure…

THE NEXT STAGE OF OUR ADVENTURE by Fruitcake. gift-990360_960_720

Having decided to buy the house with the one room with green slimy walls and a ruin attached, there then followed weeks of frustration, as the English
agent in the agency- we’ll call him Roger to avoid using his real name – with whom we had to liaise on all matters of the property was never available
when I rang the office. Messages were left for him to ring, he very seldom did and so it took an interminable amount of time to receive a response
to each question.

Eventually, after the points we wanted clarified, had been, we put in our offer of 47000 francs (this based on the original asking price, which
was 40000 + 9000 fees and which dear Roger had told us on arrival had increased to 59000!).

We called the day Black Thursday when I didn’t get a job I’d had an interview for and which would have put more money into the French fund and we
received a phone call from Roger – offer flatly refused, lowest would be 52/53000 – we can’t afford it! Our dream has been taken away for a while,
I had a good cry! Mr F.’s disappointment came out in anger. He snapped at me before going to work, I cried a lot. All was okay with us on his return,
we cuddled and planned our next course of action.

After a lot of calculations I came to the conclusion that, if we could delay completion for a couple of months, we may do it! Spoke to Roger
(eventually!) we could delay until the spring and have it for 52000 francs – we’re excited again!

There were portions of land divided and added to each property to make the sale a viable proposition, a geometre had to come and mark it all out, (more fees!) He made a mistake with the measurements so it all had to be done again. We asked ‘Roger’ to find out who owned the passage that ran between two parts of the land which would be part of the sale, he said it was someone in the village and he had been unable to make contact.
(We discovered much later on that this was a complete lie, as it belonged to the neighbour up the lane!!)

We spoke of nothing else, planning, lists, bits of paper everywhere with all our ideas on them and were hopeful of signing the Compromis de vente on
my 50th birthday in March.

The rate of exchange, which for as long as I could remember had been 10 francs to the pound had dropped to 7.5 francs to the pound! A slight
improvement when we transferred the first lump sum, we got 8 francs to the pound. Mr F. started to “collect” all manner of items for our new

As there were two families to deal with, one which owned the house with one room with green slimy walls and one which owned the ruin, this made
everything take even longer, especially as the matriarch of the family which owned the ruin was in a home and each time any decision had to be
made a doctor had to certify that she was of sound mind to do so! This was also the case for her to sign the Compromis de vente, eventually they hit
upon a day when the dear old soul was pronounced lucid enough and she signed the paper! It eventually arrived to us in time for us to sign it
on my 50th and the joke was bandied about that Mr F. had bought me a ruin for my birthday!

We asked Roger if we could camp in the room with the green slimy walls when we next go over and we could! We were so excited!

Guest blog by Fruitcake @barjan


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  1. Blue velvet
    | Reply

    Oh Fruitcake what a first adventure to living in France! To be in love with a ruin with slimey green walls, did it have a loo or running water?
    You were certainly given the ‘run around’ by Roger the Dodger estate agent, I think I may well have done the walk away routine. But I appreciate you were mad for this ruin, and it was the start of many adventures.
    So we look forward to how your camping in this dream house went and what other adventures came your way! :rose: :mail:

  2. Fruitcake
    | Reply

    No Blue, no loo, running water or electricity! Did I mention that I like an adventure?!! :wacko:

  3. Blue velvet
    | Reply

    Well I adore adventures and I believe that all of us who have lived/live in France do like them too, because there are a lot of others who wouldn’t be brave enough or mad enough to do it! :yahoo:

  4. Fruitcake
    | Reply

    A lot of folk thought it was more the latter as far as we were concerned I think Blue!! :yahoo:

  5. Blue velvet
    | Reply

    Well we got several comments when we escaped, your brave, your mad, you’ll loose all your money, and I wish we could do it! I think if you want something you will work towards it and make it work, and generally it does! :rose:

  6. Fruitcake
    | Reply

    My sentiments exactly Blue, I’ve always told our girls that, if you want something enough you’ve got to go for it, one of them wanted to be an animal nursing auxiliary but was too timid to go to college “You don’t want it enough then” was my reply. The comments you got of “I wish we could do it” You can! As was mentioned in one of the posts, you only regret the chances you didn’t take. :rose:


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