The love of dogs.

IMG_0482When I arrived in Finistère with my husband and son I wondered how I would go about making new friends, we had two french families we knew well
but didn’t want to live in their pocket. I saw an ad in a local farmers co-op for a dog training school and having two Field champion labs decided
to take a look. I was horrified at how they were yanking the dogs around, using pointed collars and generally living in the 18 th century world of dog
training. How could I keep my mouth SHUT. I went to watch the first lesson, kept shtumm and I was congratulated on my 2 obedient off the lead dogs
walking calmly to heel.

I might add that this was 24 years ago and thankfully things have changed with the modern gentler training methods now being used. 2 years later still at the dog club, I was giving the intermediate lessons there and had made some good friends along the way. The Retriever Club of France then asked me to be a regional delegate for them I accepted and still participate with them in competitions for show and working dogs. I thank my love of dogs for helping me make good and lasting friends here.

Guest blog by Marion.


  1. Tizzler
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    Any chance you could sort my female Lab out? He’s ok, she is a nightmare, constantly off in her own world. She’s ok really, just not that obedient when she’s digging for a mouse or chasing cows or whatever else takes her fancy. Great dogs.


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