The Race to Collapse…

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Bets are now being taken in the race to see who will win the Collapse Competition-the EU or the UK?

In the UK, the whole Brexit thing is starting to generate some heat. The military are (apparently) on standby to counter the effects of a hard Brexit, the Irish border is raising the spectre of a return to sectarian strive, companies are reducing expenditure, and the great British public are being warmed up to the idea of disruptions to food and medicine supplies.

A conspiracy to re-introduce project fear by the Remainers? Who knows!

Meanwhile though, take a look at the fractures appearing in the EU.

This May, the EU have scheduled in elections. Now, at present, about one-third of the MEPS are euro-sceptics, and have been this way since the last elections in 2014. So if you consider what’s happened since then, it makes you wonder how the elections will go next time. Consider:

  • With a growing nationalistic movement amongst the EU states, how would the next elections go?
  • The former adviser to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, has started a movement to agitate, and help facilitate, the break up of the EU
  • There is the constant spectre of Boris Johnson haunting No.10
  • And of course, there is the growing issue of immigration

So, perhaps we should drag out the negotiations for as long as possible? There is the facility to extend the negotiating period , and with a new look EU elected in June 2019…….well, who knows?

That is why we should perhaps consider not rushing out of the door when for the sake of a few more months, the situation within the EU could have changed dramatically. Perhaps at that point the Great British Public could be given the chance to vote on whether they wanted to stay within a radically new look EU.

Watch this space….

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