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Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel

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"Man is a creative retrospection of nature upon itself."

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addled, muddled - Addled refers to mental confusion; muddled is anything confused or in a mess. More...

dog's breakfast, dog's dinner - Meaning a mess or muddle, a dog's breakfast or dog's dinner originally may have referred to a cooking mishap with results fit only for a dog's consumption. More...

higgledy-piggledy - Probably formed from pig and the animal's suggestions of mess and disorder. More...

kettle of fish - Meaning "mess, muddle," the phrase is from "a pretty kettle of fish," a corruption of "kiddle of fish," in which a kiddle is a basket set in the opening of a weir for catching fish. More...

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Historical Events for 14th October 2019

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1812 - Work on London's Regent's Canal starts.
1863 - Battle at Bristoe Station, Virginia (about 2000 casualties)
1941 - 1st mass deportation of Kowno, Lodz, Minsk and Riga
1948 - Large scale fighting between Israel and Egypt
1950 - Rev Sun Young Moon liberated from Hung Nam prison
1951 - Organization of Central American States forms
1954 - Israeli act of revenge in Qibiya Jordan, kills 53
1966 - Dutch government of Cals falls by motion of Schmelzer
1979 - Flyers start 35 game unbeaten streak beating Toronto 4-3
1996 - Braves blow out St Louis, 14-0 in an NLCS game

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