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"The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground."

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alpha version, preview version, beta version - Alpha version describes a development status that usually means the first complete version of a program or application, which is most likely unstable, but is useful to show what the product will do to, usually, a selected group—and is also called preview version; the beta version is usually the last version before wide release, often tested by users under real-world conditions. More...

index fossil - One useful for dating and demonstrating the relation between strata in which it is found. More...

putti - Cupids that make themselves useful, as in old paintings; the singular is putto. More...

decorative arts - Any of the arts that create entities that are both useful and beautiful. More...

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Historical Events for 20th May 2019

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1910 - Funeral for Britain's King Edward VII held in Westminster Abbey, has one of the largest assemblages of European royalty
1940 - German General Guderian's tanks reach the English Channel (British expeditionary army)
1943 - French, British and US victory parade in Tunis, Tunisia
1959 - Ford wins battle with Chrysler to call its new car "Falcon"
1960 - 13th Cannes Film Festival: "The Sweet Life" directed by Federico Fellini wins the Palme d'Or
1960 - Baseball game in Milwaukee postponed due to dense fog
1961 - Mauritania adopts constitution
1967 - BBC bans the Beatles' "A Day in the Life" because of drug references
1974 - Soyuz 14 returns to Earth
1992 - 36th European Cup: Barcelona beats Sampdoria 1-0 at London

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