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    John P
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    5th January 2017

    I enjoy watching this programme because it is so diverse and there is some real talent out there.

    What I am sick of is those who use the prologue to tell everybody about some tragedy in their family. OK your Father died, your brother is disabled, you support some charity or other. Stop trying to get the sympathy vote! It is about you not your family or anyone else. If you have the talent you will make the final, you shouldn’t try to win by swaying the public vote because you have a sob story.


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    I have to say that I don’t watch it, but it would pee me off as well if I did.


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    Totally agree with you on that one JP. The sympathy vote is a real joke.

    Also, how some of these people get into the semi finals is beyond me.

    P.S. I only ‘watch it’ as I have no choice! (Long story)


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    Totally agree John P. Cringe worthy. Wish they would ban singers and dance troupes though, they have their own shows. I love the balancing acts, magicians and comedians.


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    13th July 2018

    I watch it, agree about the sympathy votes, can’t stand the cranky acts but do enjoy the variety acts, don’t always like all the razzamatazz but it’s the nearest thing there is to a variety show, there are no variety shows now.

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