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    steve hall
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    11th September 2016

    Last year my cousin travelling from his holiday home in Spain back to Jersey was fined 150e by the gendarmes at the Terminale du Naye. He’s planning the same return trip in July.

    He doesn’t understand a word of French but thinks that it may relate to the fact that he had been in Spain for more than 6 months on Jersey plates & with a Jersey licence. The gendarmes may have thought he had spent this time in France. Should they have fined him when he’d been in Spain?

    Can anyone shed light?



    Steve Hall


    Roger Wood
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    22nd August 2018

    Steve with the best will in the World, none of us can give an opinion on so very little information. Any answers would be based purely on speculation…


    Sarnia cherie
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    17th February 2019

    Or it could be that the channel Isles are not in the Eu so are not allowed the amount of duty free that eU citizens are permitted. I take it he travelled back through France? But I would normally expect Jersey Border control to have fined him.

    I know a few years ago my brother in  law travelled form Guernsey with more cigarettes than he should have and got a hefty fine at French border control, he never did it again especially as the cigarettes were not for him!


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    Obviously he was given a receipt which should i would have thought state what the fine was for.

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