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    A short extract from an interview for GQ magazine between Helen Lewis, a Channel 4 journalist, and Jordan Peterson. An article and the full interview can be found on the educateinspirechange.org website.


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    I  have to say that I am sick and tired of hearing the phrases,  sex discrimination,  race discrimination, and age discrimination any time someone hears something that they are uncomfortable with or disagree with.

    Virtually every decision with more than one choice, made by a person, is discriminate in one form or another.


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    Great interview.

    The western world and other parts aren’t  on the whole male dominated but other parts of the world are. Cultures which deny women even the most basic human rights need to be pressurised into changing but I suppose it’s tricky when certain regimes as in the Middle East control our fuel supplies. We can’t be seen to be biting the hand which feeds us !


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    I may have missed something here but I thought patriarchy meant a society where the positions of greatest power are held by men. That to me doesn’t suggest that other men in that society won’t go to prison, commit suicide, die in battle, end up sleeping on the streets etc.

    I thought the interviewer did a terrible job even when he did allow her to get a word in edgeways

    Jordan Peterson seems a controversial figure it seems if you google him…

    Not really destroying the feminist narrative but toying with definitions and handling the interview in a very dominating way.

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