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    I stand at the back.
    Arthritically bent.
    Poor of sight and hearing.
    And alone.
    But watching and proud.
    Immeasurably sad, but equally proud.
    It was my job and I did it.
    I see you in your pain, laying your wreath.
    Body wracked as mine.
    Age is a cruel Mistress.
    But not as vicious as war.
    My Mother’s face ashen when I told her.
    I joined.
    And did my job.
    I see you in your pain laying your wreath.
    I did my job.
    With fear, constant fear.
    I remember you.
    Crying for your Mother.
    My hands desperate.
    My equipment pitiful.
    I remember you and I remember your friends.
    I cannot ever forget because I see you in every dream that I have.
    Every one.
    Shattered bodies to be stepped over.
    Choose who to save.
    Hands deep in your bodies.
    Stitching, clamping, praying.
    My only weapon is fear.
    Fear of failing you.
    Holding a hand at your last breath.
    Promises I cannot fulfil.
    I am eighteen.
    Never had a boyfriend.
    I have kissed so many young boys.
    Their last and probably first kiss.
    A kiss giving a little comfort as they slide away from me.
    I was that nurse that held you for your last step.
    I was that nurse that turned the Reaper aside from you.
    I stand alone.
    I did my job.
    Remember me when I meet you again.


    Blue velvet
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    So true. Have watched some of the stories of people during the

    D day programmes. So many sad stories a lot very brave . I do hope never again will there be another war.

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