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    In fact when I used to cook a roast turkey, I much preferred it cold with pickles on Boxing Day, with loads of pickles etc!




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    Cheap meat is unsustainable and inhumane – go research factory farming which is the only way of delivering cheap meat, pumped full of antibiotics as a matter of course which is responsible for the worrying rise in antibiotic resistant  superbugs. I prefer to pay more and eat less…


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    UK has many animal rearing farms now which have gone down the route of good husbandry rather than using antibiotics indiscriminately.


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    French lamb or what they call French lamb – actually a lot of it is British bred lamb and finished off in France is extremely expensive more so than Welsh or English lamb and doesn’t have the same taste either.

    NZ lamb is technically mutton as never seen a leg of true lamb that size but very tasty never the less.

    When we came to France in 1983 you couldn’t get NZ lamb but after a fews yes. We used to pay between 30 & 40 FF for a gigot. Then the price went up to 50 to 60 FF then the euro came in and a NZ gigot of lamb went upto 9 euros and now today between 13 and 23 euros depending on the price per kilo.

    it has been as low as 5.95 euros per kilo and today in some stores it is 7.95, 8.95 plus per kilo.

    I got one the other day for 13.50 euros but in our local Super U Express the same weight was 23 euros.

    Beef has certainly gone up and not as tasty as before so am contemplating buying beef from our local farmer – more expensive but everyone says a lot tastier and hung for the right amount time. The last two rotirs I have bought have been tough no matter how they were cooked – medium rare and rare.

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