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    Down to the cellar to change the gas bottle that actually let me finish cooking before expiring.
    This is cobweb hell, fly, enter ye at your peril.
    Manic buzzing by the lightbulb and a dragonfly is thrashing uselessly.
    Reams of dusty cobweb hold it fast.
    Bottle changed and a gentle handful of beastie.
    So wrapped up I cannot see it’s colour.
    Dining table and SM’s tweezers.
    Twenty minutes and I finally have it’s legs and wings free.
    Sitting so still on my finger.
    Eyes are amazing.
    Colour unworldly.
    A teaspoon of sugar water is offered.
    And I am so happy.
    The wings are undamaged.
    I am not normally blessed with such patience.
    Sometimes life just makes you smile.


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    Well done Stinky :heart:


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    Good for you Stinks and, yes, some things do just make you happy, putting an exhausted bird in a box after it has flown into the window, giving it oxygen and letting it rest to then see it suddenly perk up and fly away, or seeing an exhausted bee drink greedily from the sugar water offered to him on a teaspoon to then, after resting, buzz happily away, always makes me very happy indeed, certainly gives you a dose of the feel-good factor doesn’t it?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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