United We Stand

united we standHello there my fellow community brothers and sisters of this world! Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to our supportive members who have helped shape and grow our community, as well as offer a very warm welcome to all our new members.

Our little community has grown from a tiny acorn to a sapling and with the promise and hope it will become a mighty oak! It has been very encouraging and heart warming to know that new friendships have been forged, people have been brought closer together and there is a real sense of being a united community! Obviously things haven’t been completely without incident as there have been a few hot tempers, topics and passionate responses to posts in the past. At the end of the day we are only human and don’t have to be masters our selves but it as long as we remember we are actually in it together and all our lives are affected by those around us we can’t falter.

I have been pondering ways in which we can progress our community and utilise the power of our collective cooperation and channel it in a positive way that benefits us all.

To this end I would like to announce a new all inclusive United Pursuit. We can all “do our bit” together united as one. A single voice can sometimes be lost and not heard but a chorus of voices carries forth.

But what can we stand up to?

We all know that “things” are not as they should be. Our society, way of life and indeed future outlook of generations is not ideal to say the least! We all know this and want things to change for the better. It is now time that we stood up and put human, animal and environmental concern above big business and multinational corporation rule. At the end of the day governments and big business have had forever to get it right, yet things seem to be getting worse for the masses and only serve the few.

Personally many of my attempts and trying to create positive change in the world have been self sabotaged, conveniently noted by the old adage “I am only one, what can I do?”. So being divided when trying to “make things right” will never achieve anything.

Now as our numbers have grown, united we have the opportunity to make a real positive change. I’m not suggesting that we become full time activists or pick up our pitch forks and burning touches to go off on some silly crusade. What I am suggesting is that with intelligent planning and organisation we can make a difference on so many levels with a minimal amount of effort! Here are some examples:

Renegotiating tariffs with utility providers (e.g. Orange, EDF).
Once we have enough of us signed up we will approach a utility company and offer them the opportunity of reduced tariffs for our entire member base.

Online petitions.
With intelligent planning and organisation we can ensure petitions are easily accessible and require a minimal amount of time and effort to contribute. So we can all rightly feel safe with the knowledge that we have all done our bit.

Get political?

Ever thought of writing a letter to your MP? Well now you can but it wont arrive on it’s own, it will arrive with thousands of other letters from your supporting peers. Again all resources including printable letters will be conveniently accessible from our site.

These are just examples and I welcome advice, support and suggestions from you to try and advance this endeavour.

So the basic principle is that together we can achieve so much more and with little effort!

So why? Why bother?
In short… because we are all part of this world and we all want the best for our children and children’s children.

I have created a new dedicated forum called United we Stand. Please share your ideas and suggestions to help move this endeavour forward. Remember it can be anything that interests you from local charities and crowd-sourcing to fixing injustices and changing law. We are certainly not limited to “what needs fixing” because let face it, most of it is broken!

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When shall we start?

It never is, nor ever will be too late because it starts now

You are not alone, you have the weight and support of your community members! With this type of unity we can accomplish so much more.

To me this is what the word “United” really means!

A pebble dropped in a pond creates ripples… but the pebble must first drop.


13 Responses

  1. Cats' Mother
    | Reply

    Ah, well, yes, now I think you have an idea; my first and most important proposal would be to get le chasse eliminated. As you may know the French parliament has ruled that animals are ‘sentient beings’, why this was needed I am not sure as to most rational people this would be blindingly obvious but never mind because that is their status in the law.
    How can it be acceptable then for people to go out shooting sentient beings for no better reason than they want to? Is it OK for us to go shoot folks we’ve taken exception to just because feel like it? I don’t think so. Look at Nice, just the latest, for whatever reason a lorry driver ploughs into crowds and is shot dead and there is uproar.
    Yet every single day between 15th August (14th if they feel like it) and 28th February, hunters are entitled to go and shoot up the countryside, their own dogs, other humans, whatever. Mostly when they arrive here in the afternoon they are drunk.
    Please don’t bother telling me about tradition, they used to have a tradition of chopping off heads with the guillotine but now we all throw up our hands in horror at Turkey trying to re-introduce the death penalty, well helloooo! that’s because the world has changed since 1798, it’s just the hunters who haven’t realised it.
    Nor tell me it is culling, which is done humanely (usually an aesthetic shot initially) by specially trained marksmen to bred herds to eliminate imbalances, nature can perfectly well balance her own populations, unlike us humans, if we leave her alone to get on with it.
    This is a first step towards respecting other beings on our planet, there are many, many more: eliminating the use of chemicals is a big one, buying locally produced goods not expensive imports is another, it’s not that I care what you spend your money on, it’s your money, but wanting strawberries in December is a ridiculous burden on the environment, besides their not tasting anything like ‘the real thing’ from your garden in June and bearing no nutritional value whatsoever.
    Well that’s my theme, as Alan Watts also said, we did not come into this world but out of it, we are not strangers here. And as many, many people have also said, what we do to the rest of our planet we are doing to ourselves.

  2. Fruitcake
    | Reply

    Ah Tom you speak much sense, but I am ashamed to say that I am not courageous enough to be a group crusader. If I were, the top of my list would be to try and educate the French country folk about the benefits of having cats and dogs sterilised instead of letting them breed and inter breed ad hoc to then destroy the resulting offspring with a shrug declaring it to be “nature” for them to breed. I have tried my own singular crusade with my neighbours but to no avail. Although they agree that it makes sense, when I’ve pointed out the benefits, for them it all comes down to money. :rose:

  3. Cats' Mother
    | Reply

    I would have thought the principle was that ‘we’ as a group decide to do these things in our own sphere. I too would not get up and lead a march because I have responsibility for two dearly loved and precious cats and anything raising my profile would endanger them as a revenge target. We had a saying in permaculture, start where you are, and it seems to me Fruitcake you have done exactly the right thing trying to educate your neighbours, that it fell on deaf ears is their failing not yours. It is not even about money as far as I’m aware, it is just that they don’t see the need because they have no respect for other beings on this planet. To them it is easy to drown a batch of kittens, to most of us is anaethema. Truly it is their own countrymen and women who will educate them, not us foreigners, for which reason I wholeheartedly support our local cat rescue which is wholly run by French. Do what you can where you can.

  4. Fruitcake
    | Reply

    In that case Cats’ Mother then I have done “my bit” a few times with regards dogs – confronted a young man kicking his dog (a neighbour in a previous house) he was trying to “train” the dog to not get out- he apologised said it wouldn’t happen again, I kept a close eye, helped him with fencing in the dog and things seemed better.

    On another occasion I became aware that people renting a house had gone away for the weekend, leaving their dogs to fend for themselves, I contacted the landlord threatened him with the gendarmes if he didn’t sort it and the people came back to the dogs.

    I do think in some cases that I have encountered it is purely ignorance.

    I have had several other incidents when I have “waded” in (much to Mr F’s consternation at times) so if your take on the principle is correct and that “we” as a group can do our own “bit” then I feel happier knowing that and I am not such a crusade failure. :-)

  5. Tigre
    | Reply

    Fruitcake, you have done well, but at the same time put yourself in a possible dangerous situation, just as I would have in a situation like that. The problem whether these people are ignorant (which is hard to believe) or just plain cruel, there should be better policing for such crimes.

    It’ difficult to know where to start Tom, how about writing to someone like Bridget Bardot, who we all know has done countless years of tireless work trying to help the cause against animal cruelty?She may be able to give help with the people/departments /groups that can be contacted. May be if Tom you can start a petition and we can sign it, lots of us on here now, as well as other sites, even friends, French neighbours may be interested too. It’s difficult, as it will be with anything we would like to try and change in this sometimes unforgiving world.
    I think also a good start would be to concentrate on the anonymity side of things, as said before it stops a lot of people reporting such atrocities.

  6. Cats' Mother
    | Reply

    You sound pretty brave to me! glad Mr F is there for support… I don’t know what can be made to happen, as you say there’s a huge amount of ignorance although this is not an excuse or excusable given the availability of information these days, it is a reason, but I do think that everyone doing what they feel they are able to to support the cause of every non-human being on the planet is a great start; there is a point where the energy changes and it becomes unacceptable to stroll around with unbroken gun killing anything that moves, drown kittens, tie up your dog 24/7, leave dependent creatures unfed and uncared for and we can all be instrumental in contributing to that energy change by caring enough to do something positive. Good on yer! :good:

  7. Fruitcake
    | Reply

    No ignorance is not an excuse, though I meant more that sometimes they are just ignorant of the fact that their way of “caring” for an animal is not caring in a way that we would classify the word.
    We can but battle on and spread the word where possible. Yes I suppose if we each make a difference to one animal or change the attitude of one person it’s a step in the right direction – it’s a big mountain to climb though! :scratch:

  8. Cats' Mother
    | Reply

    Yeah, but if you look at the top of the mountain and think how high it is you would never take the first step, if you listen to your heart and go where it directs you each step will take you nearer your goal, and if we are all doing this it will eventually become an unstoppable force. As Tigre suggests there are overt things to be done, I sign petitions all the time for many, many things to do with animals but I also think that good solid day to day awareness and support of the glorious natural world we live in is a force of itself. You might feel disheartened that you are alone but I assure you you only feel a little isolated because you are in the lead and cannot see not only all the compassionate people behind you egging you on but the whole of nature letting out a silent cheer for justice as each little critter gets another chance because somebody DID something. :yahoo:

  9. marion
    | Reply

    Oh dear I would really like to continue my blog on Joy’s progress from young dog to field trial competitor and future winner (hope springs eternal ) but am sure it would be shot down in flames by some on this site .

  10. Cats' Mother
    | Reply

    Everyone has to do their own thing, we’re not here to please other people but to fulfill ourselves, if you believe in what you’re doing and want to share it go ahead, who cares what anyone else says about it? You’re entitled to do what you feel you must and they’re entitled to their views. :mail:

  11. tigre
    | Reply

    Marion, I don’t quite know what makes you think that.

  12. Cats' Mother
    | Reply

    Here’s something useful to be doing… :wacko:

  13. marion gibbins
    | Reply

    Maybe because the Field trials involve dogs picking up freshly shot pheasants ,although the initial training is done with canvas dummies .


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