What is it my love?

A poem by Fruitcake @barjan
Her eyes are red rimmed, she’s been crying it
seems, the love of my life, the girl of my dreams
“What is it my love? You’re upset I can tell,
I love you my darling, I know you so well”

She answers me not, her head bowed down low,
there’s something amiss, and I need to know
“Are you ill? In some pain? Please tell me my
sweet” her eyes lift and look sad, my heart
skips a beat

I fear something awful, I beg her to say, “Is it
something that’s happened to you today?
Have you had an appointment? Been told something
bad? Please tell me my dear if it’s bad news
you’ve had”

She opens her mouth and then starts to speak, but
her voice is so small it comes out as a squeak
She takes a deep breath and then tries again, she
whispers “I’m not ill, nor am I in pain”

“What is it then darling? Please tell me my
dear, if you’re not ill or in pain what else must
I fear?
Are you pregnant? Is that it? Will I be a Dad? If
so that is great news no need to be sad!”

She looks at me with horror, her eyes open wide,
have I hit on the problem? Is that why she cried?
“Pregnant? Me pregnant?” her voice now is
strong “Good gracious me no, that isn’t what’s

“I’ve had a great trauma, you won’t understand,
just look at this, look!” and she held out her
perfectly manicured, except for one thing, she
pointed at the finger on which she wore her ring

I was speechless as I saw what had caused my
alarm, the worry I’d had when I’d feared of some
the reason my beloved had been tearful and pale
was because, horror of horrors she’d broken a


6 Responses

  1. Mollygirl
    | Reply

    Brilliant, had me going right to the end. X

  2. Fruitcake
    | Reply

    Thanks Mollygirl x

  3. Liz
    | Reply

    Fantastic Fruitcake……you have an amazing talent in telling stories in poetry. :rose:

  4. Fruitcake
    | Reply

    Thanks Liz, glad you enjoyed it :rose:

  5. Hugh Jarse
    | Reply

    Absolutely loved it, I laughed out loud at the ending! x

  6. Fruitcake
    | Reply

    Glad you liked it HJ xx :rose:


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